Why Blog?

It has been quite sometime since I stopped writing. Trials of life bogged me down till a time came when I started feeling-‘why bother’.

But over a couple of months there was this restlessness which made me wonder whats wrong. until this February which made me realise that I miss my write-ups. That made me think of a medium to express. Yesterday I saw Veenadi’s blog which made me think, why not? so here I am. I don’t know much about blogging, so E & Os’s expected, nor my language great or my style exceptional. But does it matter as long as I EXPRESS. Ah writing this much itself is so very invigorating.

Its not easy to express all our thoughts in words but that’s what the challenge is all about isn’t it?

Here is a poem that I wrote quite a long time back.

My Search

A long path to pave,
A long path for progress.

There have been ups and downs,
But I have never been alone
There has been my family
and all my friends.

But somewhere there has been a void,
Some emptiness,
A search.

This search propels me forward,
Sometimes ahead
Sometimes null
But there has always been
Lots to learn
In all my journeys through life

4 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. I am quite enjoying some of your posts and so glad to have met you. Blogging was not something I fancied but always admired people who could express well with words. Some of them left me in complete awe. Can one person fall in love with many? I have through these words. Most of the styles intimidate me and I feel inferior to express anything back. Maybe lack of confidence. But I love the effect they have on me. I have nothing but admiration for them. It then made me think that possibly I should try out too. I have not regretted my decision, although it has been only a few months. Let me enjoy as long as it lasts. Your posts are so nice to sit comfortably on a couch and read over a cup of tea.

    Life is a search………..true!

    • Glad that u liked my posts and humbled that u took the time to go to my first post.
      Blogging made me rememeber that I used to write; a long time back and today I quite enjoy what I am doing. It gives a lot of satisfaction

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