Material Gains?

Nowadays any event public or private has a peculiar phenomena. As soon as you enter you can feel people measuring you up; measuring in terms of the car you drive, your clothes, jewellery and accordingly comparing their possessions with yours. Some people are so eloquent in their thought processes that you can literally feel them weighing.

It used to make me laugh earlier, nowadays it saddens me. Why do we have to set standards for ourselves looking at others possessions or achievements? Achievements s I do understand, everybody needs role models. But possessions? Is life to be measured in terms of the vacations we take or the car we own. Why the mad rush to overtake others in terms of material gains.

When we Begin adulthood, we have some dreams or ambitions. Most of us are not able to achieve the heights which we have envisaged for ourselves. Call it fate, karma whatever. I believe that we were not designed to achieve what we had aspired for. In other words God has made some other plans for us. Does it mean that we become depressed with our so called failures and become jealous of our friends/acquaintances successes? Not necessarily.

Success is about making the best of what life offers you. Doing your work to the best of your ability and finding contentment in it. Its not easy when u see people all around you flashing their gizmo’s. But not to do so creates unrest in our self which if not controlled leads to disastrous results.

Life is not always fair, we have to accept it with open hands, open mind. To accept it as it comes and to change it for the better if possible. Live life to the fullest. Live life the way you want it and not because of someone else.

What really matters when we grow old is not what we possessed but what we have earned-the love of our family and friends and the knowledge we shared.

Next time you go to a party; stop weighing, just have a nice time.


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