Withdrawal Symptoms

Sweaty palms, itchy fingers, disorientation, intense need. No this is not some junkie trying to stop his ‘bad habit’ but plain old me without Internet connectivity for 3 days. At my usual time of 8 a.m. my fingers would start fidgeting and mind start making rounds of the sites to browse. And the need to blog when a particular subject popped up was intense.

It was sudoku, prior to my addiction to browsing/blogging. Confined to rest during pregnancy; sudoku gave me good company when nobody else was available. Sometimes I would doze off solving it and my active mind would finish it off in my dreams.

During my Mumbai days it was Crossword, a common addiction in Mumbai. Each day prior to the Boss’s arrival we would religiously make copies of Times of India’s crossword ( Midday In the afternoon) and keep it in safekeeping to be done during chai times.

While I abhor addiction of any kinds; addiction to sudoku or crossword is always better than that of drugs or booze or smoking. Any addiction which takes you on a high and makes you forget reality is just not worth it. In my opinion its just cowardice. Just a momentary relief.

Ahh that makes me feel better; after all I am not that addicted to the ‘NET’. I managed quite well for 3 days. So blog on……


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