Just like that

I don’t believe that Prabhakaran is dead or for that matter Benazir Bhutto or Saddam Hussein. Don’t know why I don’t believe; is it because my faith in the TRUTH has decreased or too many of K serials.

This morning My Ethiopian neighbor banged her front door so hard that all the doors and windows of our apartment were shaking for 10 minutes. My ears are still ringing and teeth still trembling. But the ache in my knee bones has subsided. I guess all the bones fell into their right slots.

I am jealous of Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra . No it’s not because of their POSITION but because of their cotton saris. I have never been able to discover saris of such quality in any showroom.

I am afraid of using step escalators. I feel as if my feet will be stuck between the steps. Yes, I know its highly improbable but still the fear exists. I know people who know me (and my size) will be laughing hard.

Everyone used to be busy orkuting, not anymore though. Why? People have lost interest or moved to the next ‘in’ thing or……… Offices have firewalled orkut.

Why do people apply strong perfume; to hide body odor, to attract others or to repel them?

Most offices in Bahrain have a tray with a flask of tea and cups kept in the reception area for any visitors. I wonder if those cups are ever washed.

And on a somber note:The relatives of the man whose car was firebombed in Ma’ameer last month are being offered BD 35000. Can life and money be ever equated?

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