Pakhi learns something new

It was raining heavily. Pakhi was doing her homework. Her music teacher was away on a vacation, so she was tied up at home

Nani was stitching something. Her son had recently been transferred to Ooty.The wet, cold climate of Ooty didn’t suit her knees and so she was staying at Pakhi’s.

Pakhi finished her homework, surfed through the channels of the Television. Didn’t find anything interesting; so threw away the remote. Next she took a book to read, didn’t find it interesting either, so threw it off. Nani was watching all this in her usual unobtrusive way with her specs hanging over her nose. ‘What’s the matter, Pakhi‘- she asked.

‘I am bored, nani. This rain doesn’t allow me to play outside and there is nothing interesting on TV.’ she replied.

‘Nothing to read either?’, asked nani.

‘I have already read this book twice. Can’t go to the library to get a new one issued’, said she.

Hmm’, replied nani. Being an only child had its problems. Two kids can invent games and generally be busy with themselves, but how do you keep an only child busy?

Pakhi why don’t you learn embroidery?’ Nani had a brainwave.

‘Embroidery Nani? But that’s so down-market!’, Said Pakhi.

‘Down-market!! ‘,exclaimed nani.

‘Meaning its not the IN thing.’

‘IN thing’ said and exasperated Nani.

‘Who learns embroidery and all when you get readymade stuff Nani’

Hmm’ said Nani, ‘whats wrong in learning something new if it helps you be self reliant? Your Ankita didi has learnt stitching, knitting etc along with her studies’ , said Nani.

That got Pakhi interested. Ankita her cousin was her role model. She was doing her MBBS and was an all-rounder.

‘And all these designers-JJVAlaya, Sabyasachi Mukherjee who use such beautiful embroidery in their creations must have learnt a little bit of embroidery themselves, isn’t it? And think about the dresses you can beautify with your own hands and the adulation you can receive from your friends.’ Now the adulation part got Pakhi really hooked.

‘But Nani this looks difficult, will I be able to do all this.’ Pakhi remarked on seeing the intricate design that Nani was making on the pillow cover.

‘Of course you can. Lets start with some simple stitiches and see how you fair’, Nani said and picked up another piece of cloth.

Mummy came in an hour later to a silent home and busy hands.

9 thoughts on “Pakhi learns something new

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  2. Wow! Embroidery is a beautiful skill. My nani is good at it too. 😀
    But why is this the last part? I want many more. Do come up with more… these are lovely to read.

    • 🙂 I had written this about 2 years back, reblogging it now bcoz I hardly have any time to write something new unless its something really short. And so this was the last that I wrote on Pakhi 😀

  3. I rememebr when i was little i use to go to my village and would see my nani and maasi’s all doing something or the other .. and the young girls making Phulkari’s , making Dari’s , and Bed sheets weaving them and all , it was supposed to be for the Dowry .. and they came with such lovely designs and all.. the Old women doing the Charkha to make thread and then using it to weavve..

    That art has slowly died I go now and dont see very many do that …

    Good to know Pakhi starting ot learn it 🙂

  4. My mom could do beautiful embroidery. I couldn’t pick that skill from her. I guess I either did not have the patience or the inclination. But, at least Pakhi is trying :).

  5. i cant sew to save my life but my mom is a great designer and she does loveky embroidery. now i wish when she’d offered to teach me when i was a kid, i’d had the sense to learn!

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