Just Like That-2

Its good to be back home. However much I miss my family, the peaceful sleep that I get on my bed with my worn out quilt cannot be expressed.

Some people make their own destiny and some like me just flow with the tide. But can I complain; no. and whom to complain to?

With the world population being ever increasing, does the Lord above have time to listen to our pleas?? I mean there might be so many requests every nano second.

Visited Siddhi Vinayak after 3 years and found it flooded with people but still found it very comforting. And while my son refuses to walk in crowded places, somehow he will manoeuvre and take me to the hundi:). Quite a benevolent chap.

His refusal to walk is sometimes helpful. I carry him and huff and puff and am allowed to the front of the check in, customs or immigration queue. The official at the check in even allowed me to place him on the counter. Airport officials in Mumbai have become people friendly.

It started to rain both in Mumbai as well as in Mangalore as soon as we left India. Which made me feel good. No I don’t hate the rains. It just felt as if India was shedding tears on her daughter leaving her soil:))

It felt equally good on landing in Bahrain.There was no crowd, no constructons ( at least not on the way home) and ….no honking of horns

And now back to the same old grind.


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