Maze(Part 3)

Next day being a holiday, she finished her cooking and then went over to their room where Ajay was doing some paperwork. ‘Ajay’, she said, ‘can we talk.’
Hmm’, he replied.
She started with routine chitchat and then migrated to Suhani. ‘She is really interested in dramatics Ajay. She must be good at it, otherwise why will Jayati give her an offer. Imagine acting for Jayati at 14. Isn’t it an honor…’
‘Ha’, Ajay cut her speech,’ Mother flaunts on paper, and daughter wants to do it in front of an audience.’
‘What?’. Said a shocked Anu.
‘Yes, you like to gloat and there’s where your daughter is heading too.’
‘Oho my daughter is it? What about yourself? You are an ego maniac who cannot see a female being successful while you yourself have been a failure in whatever you have done. And guess what this flaunter, your wife has been offered the position of Editor.’
‘Oh so that’s what the issue is. You wanted to flaunt your ‘Good Luck’ that’s why you brought this matter of Suha.’
‘No I did not’ and so the volley continued until Suha’s voice boomed ‘Stop it you two and see what’s happened to Sanket
That scream brought them to their senses and they ran blindly.
Sanket was cowering under the cot hugging his pillow, crying silently, no amount of cajoling convinced him to come out, until Suha herself squeezed herself down and persuaded him to come out. But by that time he was wheezing badly and was having difficulty in breathing. So they rushed him to their pediatrician, who checked him and put him on nebulizer.
Later the Doctor called them outside and said,” I am surprised that Sanket had this asthmatic fit. Both of you don’t have a family history of Asthma, do you?’ They bother shook their heads in negative. ‘Neither does he have chest congestion. The only reason might be that he is emotionally disturbed and in that case we might have to take the help of a child Psychiatrist.’
‘Or us a marriage counselor’, mumbled Anu.
‘Mrs Desai, you are right, sometimes family discords too lead to asthmatic fits in children. Especially those who are emotional. So if that is the case I suggest that you resolve your differences for the sake of the child.’ And he went back to the monitoring room.
While they both stood in silence, each one enveloped in their own maze of thoughts.

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