Maze (Part4)

After a day at the hospital Sanket was sent home. Each one of them kept a vigil by his bedside. Anahita woke up early finished her work and then spent time with him. Suhani too spent all her free time with him.Ajay too started coming early, each one kept a lively chatter so that he would be happy and he being still innocent couldn’t feel the undercurrents and was happy. But Anu felt as if sitting on a live volcano.

She had expected Ajay to erupt on her mentioning their problems before the Doctor or the mentioning of a marriage counselor. But Ajay seemed to have mellowed. Sanket’s sickness had scared him. He was his pet. The typical boy child syndrome.

‘Anu we have to talk’, whispered Ajay,’not now, later when Sanket sleeps.’
‘Oo ‘thought Anu, ‘honeymoon is over, time for some reality check.’

For some time they both played Snakes and Ladder with Sanket, a harmless game which didn’t require much energy and later when he started getting dozy both got up asked Suhani to keep an eye and went to their room.

‘I agree Anu we do need help, but why a counselor why not family’, Started Ajay.
Anu was surprised at Ajay’s initiation and also bluntness. He had a habit of beating around the bush and then gradually coming to the point but his approach today surprised her. And pleased her too.

‘Because Ajay if we call my side of the family they will side with me and if its yours they will side with you. We need somebody who is impartial. Who looks at the problem from all angles and then guide us. Also when we bring in relatives it will just lead to bitching midst the family and relationships being spoilt‘, explained Anu.
‘I agree, so do you have anybody in mind’, said Ajay.

‘No’, said she. His attitude was indeed surprising.
‘Well I hear that our Company OHC (Occupational Health Clinic) has a Counselor on its payroll. Do you mind if we go there.’

‘Oh no not at all’, said she.
‘So I shall fix up an appointment ‘, said he.
‘Sure’, said she.
The intervening days were spent with and around Sanket. Now that a direction had been sought, she felt light headed and relaxed. The happy environment, even if a farce, was pleasing and it surprised them both that how much work could be accomplished if the surrounding was congenial. Both the kids were thriving. Sanket rejoined school and Suhani ……became a regular at school.

The first session at Dr.Indumati’s chamber consisted just of filling out forms-personal details, ifs and whys.

And then the grilling.
‘So Mr. And Mrs. Desai, whose idea was it to see a counselor’, she started

‘Both of us’, said Ajay which pleased and surprised Anu. The graduation from me to us was a big step forward by itself.
‘Alright so both of you agree that there are problems in your marriage which needs to be solved.’
‘Yes’, they chorused.
So we will begin the next session with both of you telling me what you think has gone wrong in your marriage. The next session will be day after tomorrow so take the intervening time to think about it’ and with that she concluded that day’s session.

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