The Ups and downs

The crises never seem to end. Either a health problem, or problems with or in the job, the intolerable heat or the even more intolerable humidity, the water pump in the building ‘dies’ down or for lack of anything better; the ceiling decides to leak…….
This makes me quite antagonistic and wants to return to the happy carefree life of childhood. When tensions were naught and you had confidence that you could conquer the world. I wonder why we ever work hard to excel in studies and even harder for a career and at the end of it all face hurdle after hurdle and few successes. Leave success some days even pass by without doing anything constructive.
Its at this precise moment when I am brooding, that my son creeps from behind and gives me a hug and I realize that its these moments we live for. A warm hug, a bright smile, your partner deciding to surprise you with some chocolates or some long lost friend calling you and having a long chat. We live in these small episodes of bright sunshine which enlivens us, which helps us gather spirits to cross hurdle after hurdle.
What is success anyways? For me its these small joys enveloping me like a halo and I emerge refreshed for a grand new scuffle.

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