There is an overdose of reality shows. Sometimes i feel that not having cable connection is indeed a blessing. But then we do get some free to air news channels and they do show reviews of some TV shows, which makes me cringe.
IN the days when Doordarshan was the lone ranger, and serials used to end in 13 episodes (Buniyaad and Hum Log being the exception) it was better, atleast there was some quality. But then we wanted variety. And when variety arrived there was no quality.
Doordarshan atleast tried to showcase programs for all, music, kids, documentaries and of course who can forget Krishi darshan. But now we have different channels for different genres and age groups. Don’t know what Doordarshan is up to now, don’t get it atleast here in my home at Bahrain.

I stopped watching serials when they began to stretch like chewing gum and the story never seemed to finish, and ultimately when it finished you had already forgotten how the story had started and the ending was senseless. The characters never seemed to die. The female leads always seemed to have perfect make up even while working in the kitchen and not a single pleat was out of place. I tried to do the same but never succeeded. But the main reason why I quit watching serials is the impact they had on my thought processes. So much scheming, so much negativity portrayed that I thought it better to quit.

Same goes for News channels. In the process of making their channels No 1, sensationalism is at its peak. India celebrates its Independence day but Shahrukh being detained at Newark Airport gets top priority. Salman says he will be married soon, and that becomes the matter of a 30 minute program. Does any one bother that our MLAs and MPs haven’t fulfilled their promises or that the ongoing battle between the Ambani brothers may trigger inflation. Or that we have so many schools but very few that actually educate or even that there is hardly any agricultural land left for cultivation.
And then Rakhee had her Swayamwar. And at the nth hour decided to just be engaged, I don’t blame her, if choosing a life partner was that simple, there would have not been any divorces. So many talent hunt shows, I wonder where and what the finalists do after being defeated. How many of them are able to accept defeat. And even those who have won, are they able to make it big in the ‘real‘ world.
What really triggered all my thoughts was a trailer seen in one of the news channels. A lady who appeared in the reality show-Sach ka samna’; who accepted that she was having an extra marital affair etc etc and then quit after winning 10 lakhs. Did she ever worry about the repercussions it will have in her marital life or the future of her daughter. Or Raja Choudhary who came and lost, will anybody believe him now. Do we really need to speak such truths which will hurt our loved ones. Or does money compensate everything? Aren’t some truths better unveiled?

I do believe in the entertainment and educative value of Television. But atleast show something intelligent. Promote some good values.

As for me I will be happier with some old reruns of ‘Surabhi’.


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