Comparisons are inevitable

Comparisons are inevitable. Just now I was watching a photograph taken by my cousin, it was a shot of a waterfall and I wondered on how nicely the scene had been captured. And then I thought about the cousin; who is good at many things dancing, painting, photography, cooking; and me…..?
Amongst my friends and neighbours there are seven kids in almost the same age group. Its wonderful to watch them in a group. All have different characteristics. While one will be a loner, another will be totally social. One will share his/her toys, another will scream at the top of his voice if anybody even glances at his toy.
Normally I let my son to enjoy on his own, without bothering to give him a formal education. By formal I mean I never tried teaching him –ABC or 123. My idea of teaching is to just introduce him to the basics while playing around. My idea is to make him more aware and observant of the surroundings-like to see the branches move in a breeze, to hear the chirrup of birds, the colors of the traffic lights and so on. To make him self reliant even in education. And so I went just introducing him to this and that and hoping that his natural inclination will take root; until I heard my neighbour’s kid reciting ‘twinkle, twinkle’ and ABC in one go. Which made me panic and wonder-was I doing the right thing. And then it started – the formal coaching. But my son having a mind of his own just nods and carries on with his activities. So have I been wrong in my approach? I don’t think so. Every one has his own techniques, then why the comparison?
I am at present satisfied with my housewife status. But there are times when I look at my professional friends and wonder how good their lives are. Earning in 6 figures, travelling where they feel like, shopping to their hearts content. And me… but then I think that atleast some of them might want to be in my shoes too. To do the normal household chores without depending on a maid, to watch one’s kid grow, etc.
People who have a desk job will ogle at people who have one out in the field. Thinking how nice it might be to be out in the open, fixing one’s schedule at one’s convenience. And those in the field(read marketing) will feel how nice it must be to work in the confines of an office with an A/C on full blast and Internet.
That’s how it is usually. Comparisons do arise but it does not mean that we have an inferiority complex or anything like that. Its just human tendency. We may preach and proclaim of accepting overselves as we are. But it’s a long process. For some it may be achieved in minutes but for many it takes years. The real trick is in to finding our strengths and plus points and negating the negatives. After all each one of us is unique and special.

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