Just like that-4

I was leafing through my old diary and came across these lines and memories came flooding by. It was during my MBA days, a class of Quantitative methodology or something like that. A subject not to my liking and was terrible bored. A session used to be of 90 minutes and if the subject was uninteresting, it was very difficult to stay awake. Very often bits of paper with caricature or jokes or poetry were passed along and very often were the saving graces (for not falling asleep).

These lines caught my eye because I found that they were applicable to my present situation too, have a look;

ज़िन्दगी न हुई

Trial Balance हो गई।
जहाँ Trial ही Trial हे,
पर Balance कुछ नहीं।
जहाँ तहां मिलते हैं errors

क्यूँ की हो गए कुछ omissions

पर करे कैसे rectify

क्यूँ की मिलते नही debit और credit

बनाया जब Balance Sheet
Tally नही हुए assets और liabilities

डाला जब difference suspense में

पता चला fail हुए exam में.

Yes you guessed it right. Most of us were worried about not able to balance the Balance sheet, So on a bored summer afternoon, decided to pen down our worries. But isn’t life like that, we always keep on trying to balance our situation, while life keeps us rocking with some or the other happenings-good or bad. But in life’s exam nobody can be a failure.

We are winners all the way.


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