Parting Pains

Parenthood changes your perspective of having fun. Before having kids we plan weekends aimed to relax ourselves or generally having a good time. After having a kid, its more of entertaining him/her, especially here in the Gulf. Small houses and lack of open spaces, compel us to take our kid/s out to play, maybe some park or indoor entertainment areas.
And so it was that the main objective during the Eid holidays was to take our son out to play. Yesterday being the last day, took him out to the open play area adjoining Kids Kingdom, Manama Corniche. There are a number of ‘activities there, the rides are mostly for kids aged 3 years and above. So didn’t let him go for those as he is only 30 months now. Finally saw a trampoline and allowed him in. As he is small we were allowed in the enclosure and so we stood watching him jump about.
When the time was up he demanded to be allowed in the toy train, we did, half expecting him to howl in a short time. But he didn’t. He sat quite majestically and went on his rounds, half embarrassed by our waves and cheers. And in that moment all the past 39 months of his existence flashed by my eyes.( I am counting the 9 months of his being in my tummy too)

The real question now is whether he will be the one to cry on his first day to school or will it be me bawling my head out. Now that remains to be seen………………………..

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