Morning Walk

I am in the danger of possessing arms like Salman Khan and so decided to include morning walk too in my exercise routine.
Actually walk is just an excuse, I love to be out in the morning, breathing in the fresh air, looking at the morning sights and sounds, the chirruping of birds, the people around with their morning chores; all inspire me. My battle with the bulge has been going on for years now and I decided on just having a good time and doing what I like to do.
I begin from the east side of our building which faces the officers Club of the Police (They call it Ministry of Interior/Security or something like that) and the PMO, South takes me to the Old Palace, taking a right from the Palace brings me to the garden with the fountain and right again brings me to the Friday Mosque and so on. No I am not trying to unveil the geographical location of my building just that for a person who enjoys the sights and sounds, there is a lot in this route to absorb and emanate.
The first day that I started to walk I was observed from top to bottom by the workers waiting for their morning transport, by the car cleaners, the workers of the GCCC ( that is the garbage removal company). Firstly in my area very few women go out for walks that too morning walks are an absolute no -no. In Bahrain and I suspect in the Gulf you have to look out for you attire especially in the early morning and late evening, lest your occupation and status will be misinterpreted and you will be met with endless honking. But then I don’t mind the stares, by now I am used to people staring at me; and have now started taking pride that its my ‘personality’ which makes people stare at me.
Contrary to my belief that the roads will be empty there were a lot many people on the road and a lot many cars too, but what was scary was the way the cars were driven, the not so busy roads prompted the drivers to drive recklessly and I preferred to walk at the rightest side of the footpath.
There are a lot many Indian, Filipino men/ walkers on the road but it is the British whom I like the most, they will smile and mouth a ‘good morning’.
Its fun to watch the workers waiting for their transport with bread in one hand and tea on the other discussing their schedule, the GCCC garbage disposal truck lifting the garbage bins and moving off; after it moves a worker will run behind to collect the garbage which has flown around. This act really pleased me, to collect the loose garbage so that the road is absolutely clean is really remarkable. Each morning the road inside the compound of the Old Palace are washed, which makes me wonder how many people and revenue is required to run these palaces.
The dew on the grass always looks very inviting to me and the first day of my walk I just wanted to remove my shoes and run about on the grass around the fountain, but at the nth moment I remembered my size and my gender and stopped myself. As such people around me were giving me the ‘lunatic’ looks as I was walking alone. Such an act and someone would have surely called for an ambulance from the Salmaniya Mental Hospital.
Few days into my walk and a friend noticed me and later asked whether it was ‘safe’ to walk. Till that time I didn’t have an ounce of fear, but the very next day I was on the look out for eve teasers and thieves. The slightest sound would take me to the edge of the footpath and two or three fellow walkers had to endure my scathing looks.
And so I continue my morning walks as a solo woman walker.

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