We, the expats.

I read an article on Vinay Dewan who is the owner, Chairman,CEO of Bramco, Bahrain. He describes himself as an LPHP person meaning Low Profile, High performance person and speaks mainly in Hindi.

Now Bramco Group is into limestone, quarrying and crushing, road building, blasting, demolition, excavation, reclamation and it even has a non stick cookware division. Recently it has bagged the contract for marble and granite stonework for New Delhi International Airport. Apart from generating revenue, providing employment, Bramco has proved to be an emissary for Indo Bahrain ties. Bramco is now operating in KSA, Oman, Qatar, UAE, UK, USA and Germany. Impressive isn’t it?

In Bahrain itself there are many Indians who have proved their mettle, like Dadabhai, Devjis and many more.

In the Gulf itself and in the Western world our art, culture, religion, Upanishads, Purans, Yoga everything is highly appreciated.

But still why is the common man/ migrant worker paid less than his western counterpart but most important-why don’t we get the same respect as them?

Is it because years of being dominated by the Mughals, the Portuguese, the British, made us more tolerant, or is it because our financial needs are such that we have to bow and bear or is it because our own people plot against their own country men for their petty gains?

In my opinion it is neither. We are oppressed because we allow ourselves to be oppressed.

Have pride in what you do; have pride in who you are and above all…………………..


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