Neethis Diwali

Neethi was at her wits end. It was her first Diwali and she wanted to make it special for Nimit, her husband. He was away on an official tour but before his return she wanted to make everything ready.She wanted to gift him something too and that was her real worry. She wanted to buy something with her ‘own’ money. But being a housewife how could she do that.

She thought of decorating the diyas, maybe doing something will give her some solutions, she thought. She had recently torn a silk saree. They had been for a wedding and as usual she had been careless, her ‘pallu’ was caught on a nail and it tore. She planned to get a salwar kurta stitched with that saree. But she took the pallu, used the border to outline the rims of the diya. Then she took some ornamental mirrors and stuck it in the middle.Some she decorated with glitter pen, some with colored rice grains.In all she decorated 18 diyas to   put around the house.

She had already cleaned the entire house. So she got busy with making some laddus and savories. Then she put in some nice rangoli at the doorstep. In the drawing room she made a rangoli and then kept an earthern bowl; filled it with water and put some flowers in it. The sweet scent of flowers filled the air……

Nimit was supposed to come in the morning on diwali day, so she had hoped that he would be able to have the traditional oil bath, but he got delayed and came in about 7 pm. As soon as he came near his house he was stumped, all around there were beautiful diyas and when Neethi opened the door the smell of flowers wafted out. He stepped in to see a sparkling, beautifully kept house and the Dining table laden with goodies; all to his liking.

‘Oh Neethi such a surprise. Such a beautiful gift you have given me.  Thanks for making this Diwali so special, and he hugged her.

And Neethi… she was surprised too. She was upset that she couldn’t buy anything for Nimit. She had never realised that taking efforts to beautify your home or to cook lovingly what your partner liked were also special gifts. Very few people take care of others happiness and she was one of them.

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