Nimit was perplexed. This was the second time this week that he had come home to a locked house. True he had faith in Neethi but this time he had been home on a whim, just to check….
Just two days back he had come out of a meeting to find two missed calls from Neethi on his mobile, as his home was on the way to his next destination, he decided on a quick visit to find a locked door. But then Neethi had come within 10 minutes but was very evasive as to where she had been. Today too he was going for a meeting and decided to just check and again a locked door.

‘Is she already bored of me? Hell, its not even a year since we got married.’ he thought. Her mobile was switched off and because he was getting late he proceeded to his meeting.

And when he asked her about his whereabouts, she was evasive, ’Oh I had just been to get groceries ‘, she said. But he had observed her dropping something from her purse and then discreetly putting it away. ‘What’s happening?’, he thought.

The next day while coming out of his office building, he bumped into Raj, his childhood friend; they decided to have a cup of coffee and catching up on the news. After the usual chit chat, Raj asked,’ and Nimit how is married life?’ ‘Oh good, good, Neethi is just the type of partner that I wanted in life’, he replied.

‘Oh’, said Raj

‘Why? Why that oh’, asked Nimit

‘Just that I saw her with some guy at the Mall near my office with a guy, quite intimate they were. No, I don’t mean to make you anxious, just thought that you should know’, he replied.

Nimit thought that it must be Sudesh, her cousin but his suspicions had increased.

Wednesday was Nimits birthday, his first after marriage. He was looking forward towards it. Last year Neethi had made a beautiful bouquet and a handmade card for him. The card was so lovely that he had kept it safe in his wardrobe locker.

But nothing, she did not even wish him, he got so many SMS’s wishing him on his birthday but the normally inquisitive Neethi didn’t even ask who was messaging him.

Raj wished him around 10.30 am and then said,’Ahem I don’t want to be a spoilsport but I am in the coffee shop of Arcade and just saw Neethi taking the elevator to the 5th floor with that guy.’

‘What?’, screamed Nimit.

‘Yes, I followed them and they went to Room 505, Sorry yaar I just couldn’t stop myself….’ But found himself talking to a dead phone.

Nimit rushed in a rage to rhe Arcade and reached room 505. Banged the door, found it open and went in. He found Neethi, in a very pretty pink sari (his favorite).

Where is he, where is he?, he screamed.

‘Where is who, dear?’, she asked.

This maddened him and he rushed from one corner to another, searched below the bed, in the bathroom, just then his mobile rang.

‘Did you meet her?’, asked Raj.

‘Yes but I couldn’t meet the *******’, he said.

‘ha ha ha, enjoy your birthday, dear’, Raj said and hung up while Neethi came forward and hugged him.

It was much much later that they started talking.

‘What is all this Neethi?’, he asked.

‘I wanted to give you a birthday present which you would not forget. So I have been working as a freelance artist for one of the weeklies. Saved whatever I earned so that I could afford this room. Then called Raj and asked his help, he liked this idea so much that he agreed to help me. But tell me, did you really think that I would betray you.’

‘ No I had faith but yes I was jealous……’, the rest of the words were lost as they again got busy.

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