Neethi is tired

Neethi was tired; she had got up from bed with a superhuman effort. From a couple of days she was having bouts of dizziness. Which made her wonder if she was having brain tumor or was it just eye strain.
Neethi and her string of imaginary illness were a legend of the family. If it was pain in the abdomen it was appendicitis, if a slight pain in the left hand, was it heart attack and so on. She could equate any pain to some major illness.

So, she was making curry for the evening, Nimit was freshnening up after returning from work when the salt jar fell from her hand and scattered on the floor. Nimit came running from the bathroom thinking that she had fallen down to see the clay pot in pieces and that was it, he screamed; break everything breakable and we will live on the debris. The expired clay salt pot had been given by his mother, who had said that salt never gathers moisture in a clay pot and remains free flow. So understandably he was volatile.

Later while having dinner he looked at Neethis ashen face and felt guilty. ‘Neethi do you think we should meet Akkaya or maybe an ophthalmologist and have your eyes checked.’ Now Akkaya was Dr. Savitri, Nimits cousin sister, a gynecologist. Something clicked in Neethis mind but she kept mum.

Next day Nimit returned from work to see Neethi quietly sitting in a corner. That scared him, normally she would be bubbling to give him the day’s news. ‘Why what happened’, he asked.

‘ When you mentioned akkaya yesterday, something clicked in me and I went to the pharmacy and got a pregnancy kit’, she said

‘Huh and?’, he was shocked

‘And it came out positive. Must be all the efforts on your birthday’, she giggled and then looking at his expression; got scared and added,’ see I know you didn’t want a baby now but now that its happened, lets go ahead.’

But Nimit was silent

‘Please say something I am scared’, she said

‘I am flabbergasted, ecstatic, don’t know what to say’, he said, which relieved her.

Dr. Savitri acted as their local guardian and whenever she was free used to invite them over to her place. That Saturday was one of those days. Neethi murmured her discovery and Dr. Savitri hugged her in joy.

‘See Neethi I know your propensity to break things and getting hurt, but you have to take care of yourself and the baby now,’ she advised. And Neethi blushed, ‘But Akkaya I don’t understand, I don’t have morning sickness like other women.’

‘Well everyone does not have morning sickness, some have evening sickness, some are always tired like in your case, each one is different dear’, she explained, ‘But presently you should take lots of rest, don’t over exert yourself. Eat well. Eating well does not mean eating for two as it is generally said. But eating healthy food, lots of greens and fruits. You may want to eat spicy food but try to limit it as the body tends to retain fluids if you eat spicy food. And some even have a tendency for high blood pressure. Same goes for sweets too, some have a tendency for Diabetes during pregnancy. Try to eat sweets which are made with jaggery, as it contains iron. And yes you have to start on folic acid. It helps in reducing birth defects. And after a couple of months we will start you on iron supplements. But before that you have to get your blood test done to check that you are not anemic. I will check my schedule and fix an appointment for you.’

Both of them listened attentively. While She went on.’ And yes I am repeating myself please do be careful about yourself, dear, walk slowly, watch where you are heading, pay attention to what you are doing in order that you don’t hurt yourself. Also if you are feeling tired don’t exert yourself, take it easy. This husband of yours can manage beautifully, just see.’

And so they returned home, each wrapped up in his own thoughts, each weaving the future with the coming joy.

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