Just like that-5


Recently learnt that unfriend is a word which has been included in the dictionary now. Life I feel has become too mechanical. You delete contacts, you unfriend friends. What next? Maybe the life shown in Star Wars or futuristic movies is a reality now. By the way people with blue tooth do remind me of robots 🙂


Why do husbands advise their wives not to have expectations from them ( read helping around the house, teaching kids, shopping) while they themselves expect that their wife will be at their beck and call; never be idle. cook exotic food etceteras.


Moms wait for their kids to start school so that finally they will have some time to be just idle. But when the actual time comes; don’t know how to be idle.


It used to amaze me when mothers/wifes used to make different dishes and watch with pride as their family ate. I used to think whats great about that. NOW…… I do the same. It satisfies me that if I can’t do anything else at least I can satisfy their taste buds.

Social networks.

There is a perpetual debate on the pros and cons of social networks. Why bother as long as we are not addicted to anything. For people wihout a social life, these networks are a savior. Of course the warmth of a personal face to face meet is missing.

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