On a rainy day that too a Sunday; a husband and a wife are sitting in a room idling away time. The wife is busy on the computer; the husband is …eyeing the computer.

Husband: what are you reading?
Wife: not of your interest

H: still?

W: A blog

H: Why do you read someone’s rant and rave?

W: why do you read Economic times, BusinessLine, Moneycontrol?

H: Those are different, I get different viewpoints

W: Same with blogs.

Silence for some time

H: Where are the kids?

W: Gone to play carrom at the neighbors?

H: They could have played here only

W: can you tolerate six high spirited teenagers.

Silence for some more time

H: What’s for lunch?

W: I thought of making a one pot meal.

H: A One pot what?

W: A pulao

H: Why? I thought being a Sunday you would cook something elaborate

W: Why? I deserve a break too

H: but you always have a break. Aren’t you a housewife?

W: Does it mean that I am free the whole day, do you know how much work there is at home.

H: Alright make some soup, it’s a bit cool; make some nice soup.

W: don’t feel like making any

H: OK open up some instant soup sachet

W: none at home

H: UHH OK make some dessert, kheer or halwa, make something

W: Why don’t you just say that you cannot see me sitting? You are always pleased to see me slogging away.

Wife goes to the kitchen in exasperation

Husband waits for 5 minutes dances a chiggy wiggy and starts surfing the net.

Wife returns in 45 minutes

W: what’s the news?

H: market is down, an impact of the ‘Dubai’News.

W: No I wanted to know about the review of Paa.

H: Haven’t read


W;Have you finished your report?

H: No haven’t started

W: When will you start?

H: Soon

W: If I am not wrong you will start at 10pm and keep working till 2am and I won’t be able to sleep because of the lights.

H:I will start now.

W: And you have to remove the cobwebs, my hands don’t reach the ceiling.

H: Next week

W: that’s what you said the last week too.

H: Now, why don’t you say that you have to use the comp.

W: that’s right I haven’t even read the news.

At that moment the door opens and the kids rush in

Child 1;Oh Ok you are having a fight again

H:Oh no we were having an intelligent discussion

Child 2: Discussion as to who will read the news (and chuckles)

Child 1; Why can’t one of you surf the net and one watch TV ( and both rush into their room)

Husband and wife burst out laughing, how would kids understand how much fun they had irritating each other.

27 thoughts on “Dialogue

  1. Is it fun irritating each other?I felt the hubby was unfair,boorish and inconsiderate.Where one can afford,there should be two computers,two TVs,two iPads and two phones.Most clash in households is due to a single facility.
    Bhagya,humorous you are always.

    • In most of the houses, we have space constraints. So it is not always possible to have two of every thing. And clashes will be always even if there is two of everything. Like a proverb says, bartan heai tho khankenge.
      Thanks Sir

  2. lol! What’s the fun in life if Husband & Wife start agreeing with eachother? 😉
    Life is more fun when your kids prove that you are behavign like kids 😀

  3. I felt like hearing our conversation at home, Bhagya! Most of the men think that housewives sit idle at home, always. Because they go out and work, they are great! Actually we work more at home than them. We never take off even on a Sunday. Work more on that day!

    Nice one!

    • That is what happens in most of the houses. It is assumed even by working women that housewives just idle around. Me for instance has so much to do bcoz I don’t keep any help at home, so doing everything takes time and energy. Thankfully hubby is supportive.
      Thank you.

  4. Wrong! The husband is an MCP and the woman is a doormat! That is not me saying, but many would — going by the trend of male bashing 🙂 I am glad that the commenters here have seen the lighter side of marriage, that has both khatti and meethi 🙂

    • When I read ‘wrong’ I was shocked. I thought, how come? 🙂
      I have been fed up of the current scenario and in fact have stopped reading blogs on Female empowerment, male bashing etc.I am confused. Life has so many hues and instead we cling on to negatives. 😦

  5. In our house my hubby watches TV and me work on the computer..So no problem..:)
    Nice post Bhagya..as always.:)

  6. Hahaha….so true. These days, when i come home early and if I am on a blog and hear hubby’s footsteps, I immediately close it and close my eyes and lie down on the sofa…otherwise, he thinks I am getting all the pleasure in the world.:)

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