On Eve teasing and other idle chat

I am so utterly disgusted at the ongoing state of affairs; of the demand for different states ; that I am not going to comment on it at all. Instead I am going to rant about eve -teasing. It amazes me that for a society which is progressing by leaps and bounds, our mentality has not changed.
Some days back on my way to pick my son up from play-school, a car slowed down and the driver whistled. And….I burst into laughter. For some men any woman will do, the size, age, looks don’t matter at all. Now this reaction of mine was not anticipated and he sped away. When I recounted this incident to my husband, he was of the opinion that I should have given him a solid whack, but I have seen too many Hindi movies –you know the villain returns the next day with his goons –those types. After all I do have to go on the same route every day.

Years before while still in school, I had seen a girl being teased and seeing her despair had resolved that never will I allow anyone to demean me. In our society it’s the victim who is victimized while the injurer goes scot free.

Mysore cinema theatres have a wonderful system. The last row is reserved for girls. And while studying there us girls really enjoyed watching movies without the botherations of any ‘bad boys’. Once we planned on watching the first day first show-I think it was Khalnayak. We bunked our classes and reached the theatre to find that the counter had not yet opened, so we all went for a stroll. When we returned the balcony seats were all sold out. No w we just had to see the movie that day so took the seats available. As always in such situations, I somehow find myself in the corner seat. No sooner had the film began that I found a ‘hand’ trying to touch me. Tried to dodge it a couple of times, but the hand didn’t budge. And so… I gave a nice pierce with my safety pin. Then the ‘face’ of the ‘hand’ came into focus and gave a gasp, and then I also waved the blade which I always carry in my purse. Needless to say he ran away and we watched the movie in peace. This memory always makes me laugh and I wonder if I am a sadist;)). The poor guy came to watch Khalnayak and met a khalnayika.

When I was job hunting, I used to travel often from Vizag to Mumbai. In one of those train journeys, when all were fast asleep, a hand moved up my limbs. First I gave him a look, second time I was vocal, third time I gave him a solid kick. When I told about this to my brother he was of the opinion that I should have screamed. But in India, it doesn’t help. People especially women would have opined that I should not have travelled alone in the first place. Of course those were the 90s, situation might have changed for the better.

Here in Bahrain recently we were on a crowded street. Bahrain culture is such that cars stop for pedestrians to cross the road and people make way for a woman to walk on a crowded road. And so we were walking when I could feel that a person was trying to act fresh. (On such matters a woman has her gut feeling and a visually challenged person has her sixth sense; me being both makes a lethal combination). I say tried to because before he could do anything I elbowed him nicely on the ribs. And what a nice sleep I got that day:)


Recently saw three movies. I prefer to watch comedies, the seriousness of life itself is too much, and so I don’t bother to watch serious stuff. And so I saw ‘All the best’ and ‘De dana dan’. Both movies are passable but the conclusion of both disappointed me, the humor was not sustained till the end.

I liked ‘Wake up Sid’. Quite a fresh film but didn’t like its ending too. Can’t a male and female be just friends, why do they have to say the three words?

Its so very interesting to watch kids play. I like it when they try to make alphabets with their ‘chaklis’ or with the dough. Where does the fun and imagination disappear when we step into adulthood?

2 thoughts on “On Eve teasing and other idle chat

  1. Good for you :). I remember that once in a crowded BEST bus in Mumbai, a guy was acting fresh, he was falling over me. Next time, I brought my elbow back with such force that he screamed in pain, that delighted me :). But once after a New Year celebration, we were walking back to our car and this guy just groped me and went ahead quickly. I could not even give him back, and my husband was so slow to respond. What sick minds is what I will say.

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