There are some days when I am desolate. When everything-the cooking, cleaning, nurturing everything seems a burden. It was one of those days.
On self-examination I found out that, that day my bleakness was connected to being a woman and the womanly chores. And to gather myself I thought how it would be if I was a man. Obviously my role models were the men who I have been associated with (father, brother, husband, friends).

• Getting up In the morning without worrying about breakfast, freshen up , shave(ugh), dress up, have breakfast already on the table(wow), tying up a tie(ugh), leaving for office.

• Battling morning hour traffic, short time-shorter tempers. Fixing schedule, reporting (ugh), answering superiors as to why sales are low.(ugh, ugh).

• Detailing, presentations –difficult tasks. Have to be on tip toes but then don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning, or the nutritional aspects or what the kid is doing or whether he has eaten or not. Or whether the laundry is to be done.

• Meet some friends on the job and have a nice chat but then deadlines have to be kept.

• Somewhere in the midst come have lunch and check if everything is fine. And if not enquire the wifey as to why it went wrong?? I would like to do that.:)

• Have a short nap and again leave for work. A man always seems to have the upper hand in most things except when he is in front of his superiors. But then the reporting, the going to office all have strict time constraints. A woman that too a housewife can manipulate on time. Yes there are time constraints but they can be adjusted.

• Evening if the mood is good, take the family out or just say that I am tired. Can a woman afford to say that she is tired and not do her work??

• When I am at home I love the feel of old cotton clothes, Feel very comfy in those but whether it be a man or woman who goes to work, you have to be dressed up right.

• Yes a man has power and dominates the home front but ultimately it’s the woman who rules the roost.

I was listing the man/ woman pluses and minuses and the count was 50/50, when sonny hurt himself. He didn’t cry but got up and got busy again. But I could feel his pain and his shame. The umbilical chord which has been severed up still connects us somehow. Now can a man achieve this feat?

And everything was bright and sunny in my world again.

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