The Grapevine

Human networks are awesome, more than the current social networks and in some cases equally malicious. It seems Shahrukh joined Twitter and within an hour he had 10000 followers. In the normal world our grapevines work equally fast. Here is a case of a woman who twists her ankle and the events which follow …….
Vidya got down from the bus laden with bags of vegetables from the Central market. Now Mangalore is still far off from low floor buses and so getting down from the bus that too in heavy rush with bags is actually a task. And so Vidya got down with all the rush and the push and also the poor state of the roads; she twisted her ankle. Somehow she got to the corner and tried to hail an auto but at that moment there was a downpour. Now there is something special about Mangalore autos. They never come for short distances and not at all if there is rain even if you are ready to pay outrageously.

And so Vidya had no other option but to limp towards her flat. Although just a 5 minute walk but the limp and the rain made it look kilometers away. Now it so happened that Mrs. Shetty, Vidyas neighbor was going for a wedding in her car and her mind started working overtime; ‘Hmm, Vidya limping. Yesterday Anant and Vidya were arguing, didn’t hear what they were saying but it went for a long time and ended with a crash; was it that Anant kicked her or something, poor woman is limping badly.’

And so she went with these thoughts to the wedding, where she met Mrs. Shenoy. With the usual talks, she casually mentioned Vidya’s limp. ‘ I don’t know for sure but I think Anant must have hit her and what a beast, poor woman has a limp but still she went to Central market for vegetables. Couldn’t they just manage for a day with some lentils, poor woman, and I hear that her maid is also sick. Imagine doing everything with a limp’ and so it went.

And so Mrs.Shenoy went and told Nayana who was Anant’s college mate. Who told them of an event when a girl had been ragged and Anant had beat the boys who had ragged her, ’always was a violent type’ was her by line.

And so this news travelled and reached Mrs.Pai who was Mrs. Nayaks (Vidyas mother) friend and who promptly called her up and informed her everything. Now Vidyas parents stay in Udupi but within a span of 3 hours, she had come to know about the events.

And so the phone rang and Vidya picked it up,’Hello…Amma, how are you, me,? I am absolutely fine.’

‘My poor baby , you don’t have to hide anything. Remember what your father had told you on your wedding day, you might be someone’s wife but you will always be our daughter.’

‘Now Vidya was a bit confused and asked slowly, ’Amma what is the matter?’

And so her mother told whatever she had been told. And Vidya had a hearty laugh. ‘Wait Amma I will tell you what happened. Shriram got low scores in his class test and me and Anant had an argument over it. Anant was of the opinion that I don’t teach him properly and I was telling that Shriram doesn’t listen to me and also now that he is in class six his Maths is a bit tough and I am not able to do justice. It was a normal argument Amma, something which you and dad have. And during that time I took out the milk vessel from the fridge but it slipped from my hands, as it was falling I moved back and bumped against the stool, which also crashed and so the ‘sounds’. Today being Friday you know I stock on vegetables for the weekend and so had been to Central market. I twisted my ankle while getting down from the bus, didn’t get an auto and so limped back home. No, no I am better now but Anant’s on his way home now and is going to take me to the Doctor, don’t worry.’

And so Vidya somehow pacified her mother and was thinking who could have started the rumor. She thought it would have been so much simpler if he/she would have just offered her a lift home rather than beginning the ‘vine’.

9 thoughts on “The Grapevine

  1. Though amusing to read how rumor ills work and in this case over a mere limp and Anant’s ‘violent proclivities’ how damaging it would be if there iwere a character assassination.One must learn avoid gossip like plague though they tend to be the salacious staple of all afternoon meetings.Very nicely and interestingly written

  2. Bhagyashree,

    Who needs Twitter or FB when such superfast grapevine is available? Habit of gossiping with adding own spices at every pass told so well.

    Take care

  3. Very well written. Thanks for a nice post. I am reminded of a old joke. Here it goes.

    Ms. A vomits. Ms. B sees that. Ms. B tells Ms. C that A vomited. Ms. C tells Ms. D that A vomited and it was all black color. Ms. D tells Ms. E that A vomited in black color that was as black as a crow. Ms. E tells Ms. F that A vomited a crow.

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