Some jumbled thoughts

I hear students committing suicides and I wonder whether we are raising a generation of cowards.
The next is whether societal, peer, family pressures are such that they have no other alternative than to end their lives.

I am a nobody to advise neither am I going to dissect why such things happen. Its such a biased world that its thought that only being a topper or being the best can bring success. Its not always true. Very often it’s the people who have fared poorly in school/ college who have had successful careers.

But then again success/ failure is subjective. For some success may be becoming CEO of some company, for others it may be a principled life even if it fails to bring in money.

Then I also see people who have achieved success in every step of their lives still when they face a single failure, fall into depression.

Which makes me wonder about the credibility of our education system?

Is education only about getting degrees? What about knowledge, integrity, understanding, etc.


Yes parents too sometimes act like beasts, forcing their kids to accept their wishes, their ambitions. While I do agree that some kids do need a little push others do not. Again its subjective. Basically each child is special and is to be handled in a unique way.

I will cite my own example. I must have been in the fourth or fifth standard when I fared badly in the half yearly exam. The report card was given just before the Diwali vacations and I was miserable. My sorrow was more about having failed my parents than about getting bad marks. I had not told anybody that I had received my report card and was quite solemnly standing near the garden gate, when my father came and stood behind me

Papa: so you have got your report card?

Me: yes ( all the while looking the other way)

Papa: bad Marks?

Me: Yes

Papa: So what, its not the end of the world, there is always a next time.

We hug and it’s the end of a misery and beginning of a new dawn. That moment I realized a lot many things;

• Marks are not everything

• You always get another chance

• Whatever happens my parents will be always with me

• Its always good to be true to yourself. I could have lied or altered my report card but would not have got any peace

If he had handled the situation in any other way I doubt whether I would have been the person I am today. For a nine- ten year old the security that parents will always be with you; brings in a lot of confidence. (With my siblings Papa was quite a disciplinarian, but with me he always used this approach, I don’t know it was because I was a third born or because he understood that with me being headstrong, that was the best approach:)).

So each person has to be handled in a unique way, and that requires a parent to have loads of time for his/ her child, understanding and patience.


I won’t be a hypocrite and say that the thought of suicide has never entered my mind. It has-on countless occasions. But something or the other holds me back. Either it is the thought of the trauma my family will have to face or the thought that whether any problem is big enough; for me to end my life.

Life has much more to offer. Death can wait.

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