It happens

Angad came out of the Indian School premises, mighty pleased, the cultural program, the science exhibition everything had been excellent. He turned around to see his wife Shefali lost in her thoughts and his sons, laughing at some joke. All in all a perfect day. But what was this, struck in the windshield wiper was a parking ticket for wrong parking. ‘Hey whats this, how come, where will anyone park when the parking lot is full, obviously on the roadside. Only Indians cars have been ticketed. The Arabs cars have been spared. Ten Dinars gone down the drain.’
‘Angad,’Shefali said, ‘what’s the use of complaining. The traffic police know that mostly Indians will be here so they took the liberty to fine.’

‘But why ?Where will we park if the lot is full?’

‘No use complaining, Angad, lets go home.’

Next day was their younger son’s birthday, Angad came home to find everyone ready, ‘Why, where are we going?’

‘Harsh wants to have Pizza at Pizza Hut,’ explained Shefali.

‘Pizza Hut, if I am not wrong A single Pizza there costs some Two and odd Dinars and….’

‘Angad,’ murmured Shefali, ‘its his birthday, he hasn’t asked for a party for his friends, just a pizza, please don’t create a scene.’

‘Ok, which Pizza Hut?’

‘Lets go to Manama one at the Gold City. You can park your car at the ground there. No fear of parking ticket.’

‘Hmm he said and they left.

After the meal Shefali looked around at the Gold City while Angad came behind her with a grumpy look and when she stopped to have a closer look at an emerald necklace, he burst out,’ I don’t have money to satisfy your whims.’

‘I am just having a look, did I say I need it?’, Shefali retorted.

The very next day, Angad came with a big Geant bag.

‘Whats this?’, Shefali asked.

‘There was a good offer, I got car vacuum, car wax, carburetor cleaner…………’, but before he could continue, Shefali cut in, ’How much?’

‘Uh, Twenty Dinars,’ he replied.

‘Oh I suppose my window shopping is more expensive than your shopping for car accessories?’ she asked with raised eyebrows while Angad smiled sheepishly.

A Bahraini Dinar is approximately INR 120


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