For All those…………….

For all those who went with me through my life my journey,

For all those who introspected with me,

For all those who heard me rant through my random thoughts,

Who gave Jeet to Pakhi and her world,

For all those who believed in the make believe world of Animal farm

And who read about life’s Neethi

For all those who suffered my Kavitas

And went with me on a virtual tour to Bahrain and Ukkunagaram

For all those who analyzed people in different situations with me


A big THANK YOU going out on my 100th post

Thank you for enduring me and giving me a new meaning to life

2 thoughts on “For All those…………….

  1. Congratulations… on this milestone. The number is definitely satisfying however its the manner in which u have achieved it thats more laudatory; its with honest to good simple and elegant writing. Keep at it and more power to u.

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