Some questions do bother me; why some people get everything that they want while some do not; why some mediocre people taste success and some very efficient ones are failures; why some people seem to get the most simplest joys after a lot of struggle.
There can be a lot of deliberations on these, you might say hard work, organized effort, resourcing etc but I wanted answers on a ‘higher’ level. Reason being that whenever something untoward happens I am told that sometimes its our past actions returning to us (poorva janma phala). Which used to leave me quite bitter.

Recently when I had been to the library, a book caught my attention. Why? Because the cover introduced the author as the first lady of the Psychic world. The book was her biography-Herald of the new age, and I was game to read it.

To give a brief idea about the author-Ruth Montgomery was a journalist who made contact with the other world. And these-guides have helped her in opening some truths- about reincarnations, walk-ins and yes how our actions return back to us.

Now you may or may not believe that we can make contact with souls/ spirits. I do. Many times my ancestors have visited me in my dreams. A Non-believer may say those are not dreams but just an over active mind. I said so too until once when both me and my sister had the same dream, the same night with the same message, that removed all my doubts.

Whenever I am going through a bad phase and especially while lying on the hospital bed, have felt a very strong presence near me which used to scare me initially.

Returning back to the book, it does say that whatever we go through is linked to our actions in the previous birth. It also says that we do have ‘guardian angels’, which just means that my feeling of strong presences’ is not hypothetical.

I am a Virgoan and also a Finance person, which means that I need reasons for everything and until I do get it I don’t have any peace. So now that I know that whatever I am suffering or have suffered is because of some actions of mine, it doesn’t make me depressed in fact it makes me calm.

And am happy because I know that someone somewhere is looking out for me. Life is not bad, not bad at all.

5 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Any reasoning that brings peace to a troubled mind is good. Yes I believe there is a balance sheet in this life and here like any other balance sheet needs Honest entries..then it shall give you the true picture, else you will only have confusion and why why why me or why not me 😉

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