Anuj Anuj sat in a foul mood. He and his father had had an argument early in the morning which had left both of them in a rotten mood.
He was starting his Tenth Board exams the next day and the first paper was Maths, a subject which he loathed. It was such a pleasant morning that he wanted to go out and sing. But his father was always after him to do well in studies especially maths because it was scoring. And said that music was alright as a hobby but not as a career.
But being an engineer would maybe earn him money but not satisfacion, but would his father understand that?

Mr. Mishra– Mr. Mishra understood what Anuj was going through. In his youth he too loved to write, he had even joined a weekly but the pay was so pathetic that he was not able to support his family. And so he had become a salesman and had remained so for the last 20 years. Oh why couldn’t Anuj understand that music was good as a hobby and unless you were a Pandit Jasraj, it couldn’t support you financially?

Mrs. Mishra– Mrs. Mishra was torn between father and son. She understood what her husband was saying and she understood what her son was going through but how could she make each understand the others viewpoint but most important what was the best way through?

Anushka– She was the youngest and still 2 years away from the Big menace-10th board.
She wanted to be an IITian and had already made plans to reach THERE. But mom and dad were always behind bhaiya because he was a SON.  Let him do what he wants, I will be an IITian and look after them in their old age and if need be she would look after bhaiya too. What was the fuss all about; let him follow his dreams.

15 thoughts on “Viewpoints

  1. I feel each one is right in their position. And, that is the saddest part of it all. I don't think, we can really blame parents because the chances of succeeding in unconventional careers are very less.

  2. Studying/working in a field in which you don't have passion is very hard and painful. I know that, because I am living that life. I hope Anuj can follow his heart. He may not have material wealth but he will be happy, I'm sure.

  3. I can so understand this situation…but today I think one can let the children follow their dreams, but first tell the children all the pros and cons of that whatever happens, they will be prepared..and whatever parents can do to support them they must…

  4. You did it! I was waiting for a post from you :)These days unconventional careers work more than the conventional ones… some people known to me have succeeded beyond norms in unconventional careers …

  5. Reblogged this on Searching Self and commented:

    Somedays back a boy confided to me that what he was studying was not his choice and had been forced by his mother because it fetched a good salary. it devastated me. I mean the boy is laidback and I am sure if his mother doesn’t force him, he will not do anything in life. He is one guy who wants to have fun without any responsibility. So does his mother have any option but to force him? On the other hand, what he is studying presently is not his cup of tea He does not have an aptitude for it. Tough situation rght? How do you show a path to someone who does not want to do anything? How do you stop a mother from being bossy to such a son?
    I remembered then this post written some five years back about perceptions of different people of the same family. Do have a read.

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