I know I a m a bit late on posting about the women’s bill ,but have been pretty busy lately and just didn’t find time.

First of all I don’t see any need of reservation. If any lady really wants to be in politics why need reservation, just rough it off like others do, why need reservation? We talk of equality and then demand separate queue for ladies, separate seats in buses, and now reservation in parliament.

There is reservation in panchayat too? Has it been successful?  In most cases the wife tends to be a proxy for the husband  a la Rabri.

But my question is in a country where still domestic violence prevails, in a country where still wife and husband stand on different platforms, in a country where still husband dictates and wife obeys, is there any need for reservation.

Treat women as humans first.

8 thoughts on “Reservation?

  1. Never thought of the bill in this sense…. very thought provoking!

    On the other hand, domestic violence is prevalent in developed countries as well…. so I guess thats another way to show the world we’re following the west :S

    • Ya v r aping the west in this matter too :), It irritates me that on one hand we say that we want to bring women in the forefront and on the other deny basic rights too

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