I look out of my window and see a sparrow nibbling at the leaves of my tulsi plant. And though I know that she will eat off all the leaves and my plant will go dry; I just do not have the heart to shoo her away.

And then this thought comes to mind that why we can’t be like birds. To fly away when we want, to sing when we want, to talk if we want, to brood if we want, etc.

There are days when monotony bores and there are times when I want to be  absolutely free. To do whatever I feel like without any strings attached, to break free. Sometimes I do get these moments of solitudes and very often not.

It’s another issue that such needs of absolute freedom are like flashes of lightning and within an hour or two I long for some ‘routine’. And the very same tasks of cooking, cleaning, nurturing give me comfort:).

I look again at the sparrow stretching her wings and wonder if she too has such a tale to be told, does she too long for total freedom?

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