I Envy

  • those who can talk; meaning those who have the gift of the gab, who can talk and talk. I see people who have careers just because they can talk and network. Efficiency, intelligence, ability do not really matter. Me? I can speak point to point. Alas.
  • those who can smile in any situation. And those who do not allow their emotions to mirror on their face. Me? You can easily make out whats going on my mind, what I am feeling, my emotions from my face. Quite a handicap really.
  • those who have the gift of forgetfulness. Me? I can never forget anyones kindness or insult.
  • those with flawless skin. And those too who take care to maintain it. Me? I sometimes forget that I have to take care of myself.;)
  • those whose homes look like those shown in the magazines, all neat, shiny and chic. Mine? Does not even come close to those; but yes its a place where you can put up your feet, sigh contendly and RELAXXX without fearing that you will be spoiling the sofa or the cushions…..:))
  • 14 thoughts on “I Envy

    1. You Speak to millions when u write. The mind that commands ur fingers to move on key pad can make the mouth to voice the unsaid but powerful words. Try and you will no longer envy albeit I think cetain vaccum in areas of life is what motivates one to write. What do you think ?

      • Hmmm, yes you are right. But then different people have different abilities. Some speak with their art, some with spoken words and yet some others in the written form.

    2. no worry whether u can talk or not..v all know u r a wonderful person…with immense abilities and cheerfulness ..what say? v blog friends r proud of u..and is that not a gr8 thing?

    3. I face the same problems about not forgetting, not taking care of my skin, and not having my home kept like magazines. But, I am so happy being the person I am. I guess you have so many other beautiful qualities that God has compensated in these areas 🙂

      • Ya very true Rachna. I don’t have any regrets in said areas or otherwise. But sometimes if i see someones glowing face, I will be like ‘wow’ or if see someones uncluttered sitting room (even with 2 kids) i will wonder-how do they manage it; and so on. Its just that- a thot and just no regrets. We should lead our lives as we feel and not how the other person does isn’t it.

    4. You dont have the gift of the gab? Then who does? You speak volumes through your blog…
      The rest, I agree… Im envious of those people too 🙂

    5. lolol…some of these stated attributes are mine…and it leaves me wonder struck too at the effortless way some people manage what i struggle to achieve…but envy them i do not…because some of them who i look at, look at me similarly…

      He who writes our stories from above has maintained the balance someplace…and i so admire him for his just distribution. His complaint, very few recognize what they have, act and improve upon it. Instead end up wasting time looking at what they do not and just dont act..;-)

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