Doctors all..

I consider the medical profession the noblest among all but commercialisation has not spared them too.
Pharmaceutical companies compete with each other to keep Doctors on their payroll. Some are kept on ‘monthly salaries’, others are given percentages on the number of prescriptions generated by them and yet some more are paid in kind ( read Refrigerators, DVD players et all).
I don’t blame the Doctors, they spend so much on their MDs and super specialisation, they have to equate it some where.
But what about the patients, poor people have to unnecessarily take unwanted drugs. In some cases antibiotics, supplements are prescribed unnecessarily, which a patient can ill afford.
In some hospitals/ clinics the Doctor also gets a percentage of the lab tests advised. Which just means that a person with just a common cold and cough is sent for X Ray, blood tests etc.
If we can’t trust the Doctors on whose hands we lay our lives, whom can we trust?


7 thoughts on “Doctors all..

  1. Most doctors and hospitals have been experts at fleecing common people. If they spent money to get their degrees, does it justify them being unethical in the noblest of professions? It is deplorable, and the punishment must be severe along with disbarring if proven guilty.

    • You are right Rachna. Spending huge bucks on education does not justify maltreating patients.
      But everything has bcome so commercialised.
      and when u comparfe the salary of a Docotr to a IT professionsl the latter does get paid more while in my opinion the efforts that a Doctor puts in is much more.
      We cannot expect that all the Doctors are service minded, can we?

  2. Though I agree that what you say is going on…. I have seen the other side… there are doctors who care. There are doctors who say, you can take this prescription instead…its cheaper. There are those (specialists MD I mean) who come on a house visit and dont charge because the patient is terminally ill. So, you cannot generalize.

    • Yes DCG very right. There are some Doctors who are so very good that they treat not only physically but mentally, morally too.
      I was just upset by the current trend which I am seeing here.

  3. ya absolutely boss..our doc used to look at us and tell us any major disease like diphteria etc…now everything is after thousands of rupees in tests..god save us..

      • Lifestyle diseases are on the rise and day to day life, the way
        you live unfortunately depends on you, the food you eat, the
        physical exercise you do etc. Here the doctor is of little help.
        Most of these diseases can be taken care of with a bit of medical
        expert advice and by taking the right kind of Nutrtion. Optimal
        Health is the answer and how to achieve that perhaps I can help.

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