Why is education necessary?

I am a bit confused. Why is education necessary? Is it necessary so that we can read and write. Is it needed to form opinions or is it necessary to get a job. No I haven’t got crazy. Anyone might think so because everyone does know that education is necessary for all the above reasons and much more. Then why the dilemma.


All around me I see just stereotypes; the herd mentality, no fresh thoughts.

I see around me youngsters following the trend; I will wear such and such clothes because that is what everyone wears. I will speak in English because that is what everyone speaks etc. but do you know what YOU want?

If you don’t have an opinion, any viewpoint, If you can’t tell the people ( read family/ friends) in your vicinity what they have done is right or wrong, then educating you has been a waste.

I am not saying that the present generation is all like this, but the people in my contact are.

Another issue which makes me laugh like crazy is when I see parents start teaching kids to read and write as soon as they can walk/ talk. I fail to understand this need to teach ABC’s. For in my opinion its important to first learn to observe, touch, feel, learn to use our senses. We have our whole life to learn ABCs. 🙂

What say?

2 thoughts on “Why is education necessary?

  1. I have a client whose stock expression when someone doesn’t comprehend something or the other…is ‘Get an education ..man’

    Now in that phrase lies the true meaning of Education…
    Its a process and not a certificate/milestone, learning the 3 R’s is just the primary one.

    As to herd mentality…humans are social animals…they live in herds. And do not worry look closely at the conversations in a herd and you shall spot the differences…its from herds that individuals start forming individual opinions…again a stage. First the family herd, then the immediate friend circle, then the working culture herd and various other social groups…wading thru this the voices become individual

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