Which rhyme did you rhyme?

It never fails to amaze me that how of all the rhymes-old and new, its ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ which is the favorite of most  of the kids, Why? Maybe because it is catchy or maybe because it is easy to emote.

When I look back at my childhood days, it was the same ‘twinkle twinkle’ which was recited again and again; as also ‘Johnny, Johnny’. The latter because in the end I could scream ‘Ha ha Ha’.

And you? Which rhyme did you rhyme and why?


8 thoughts on “Which rhyme did you rhyme?

  1. I guess “twinkle twinkle” comes first to mind. I remember many more because I sang them with Sid when he was younger. I recall ” Machli jal ki hai rani” — a Hindi rhyme from my childhood days.

    • Oh yes, if Twinkle twinkle is the most liked in english rhymes, its macchli jal ki in Hindi. Kids just love to act out ‘dar jayegu’ and ‘so jayegi’.

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