In love

No this post is not to get eyeballs or to proclaim an extra marital affair or anything of that sort.

My love for ‘Balkrishna’ is fairly recent;  I am still discovering him and this post is all about this love.

I always believed in a supernatural power but there always used to be a doubt at the back of my mind whether there is any God or not. The recent events have made me a firm believer. The reasons for my belief have been told a little in my earlier posts, some more will follow in the future.

In the year 2005 My Gynaecologist had given me a book, Autobiography of a Yogi by Shri Paramhansa Yogananda, saying that maybe it will help me in my difficult times. It’s a beautiful book and if you are interested in reading about self realisation, you must read it at least once. I won’t say that I have understood it fully, every time I read it I understand a little more.

And then I conceived. My parents who had seen my yearning for a baby so much wanted the pregnancy to succeed that they consulted an astrologer who asked me to read ‘Shri Prem Sukh Sagar saying that it protects ‘garbh’. And that’s when I started falling in love.

Now this book is the tenth ‘adhyay’ of the Bhagvad and contains the story of Shree Krishna. I loved this book especially the infant stage of Balkrishna. With nothing else to do I would read this book with my mind visualizing and what an experience that was.  Not only does it contain Krishna’s life journey but also about karma, self actualization, characterization et all. this book also can be read again and again and new insights can be sought.

I am not saying that I have got all my answers or I have got rid of all my troubles but presently I am in such an ecstatic mood that everything else looks trivial. And even though I have troubles I know I am not alone for He is with me. Always and especially when you are facing tough times it gives great comfort to know that you are not alone.


There can be a lot of deliberations about the authenticity or the existence of God as well as the path chosen( read religion). The validity of astrologers can also be debated upon but the views expressed here are my personal insights and so I have kept the comments off.