Rakesh wringed the dishcloth and looked around. Everything was neat and shiny. and he felt proud.

He was a landscape artist. 5 years before the company where he was working closed shop, he had opted to work freelance. While his wife Nitu worked in corporate communications in a telecom major.

The arrangement worked fine for them. Nitu had to put in long hours, so it was Rakesh who handled the home front. When he had to go out-of-town on assignments, Nitus mother looked after their daughter Trishna who was 4 years old

Both of them didn’t mind this role reversal and in fact Rakesh was very happy. He had never been the ambitious type nor could he work on a regular basis, he liked to work as his mood took him. Housework gave him a lot of satisfaction but ….. he got a lot of flak for it.

His in- laws accepted his decision. Their theory being that if the husband wife didn’t have any issues they too had none. His mom had initially screamed at him even insulted him but later on seeing that her son was happy had acquiesced.

But his friends. No they had not. They called him a lot of names. Starting from an innocent  ‘lazybones’ to a milder ‘Househusband’ to ‘Joru ka ghulam’.

To everyone he  very much wanted to say Mind your own business (MYOB). If both of them had no problems with the arrangement, why did others feel so?


What is your opinion? Is it wrong if a man finds housework to be satisfying? Is it wrong if a man decides to take a backseat?

10 thoughts on “MYOB

  1. NO..I would say that person has really grown up..any work and every work is equal..but our society gives tags…when they are happy why others even bother…

  2. I sometimes wish more people would understand this. Why are only women to do all the housework? What happens if a woman is not that type? Actually such role reversals are long due in our country and like you said if the husband and wife are happy with this arrangement then why shd anyone else bother? Good one!

    • Actually more and more people are understanding this and very often we do see men participating in housework especially when wife is working too.
      But there will be people who will scorn at such situations and name the man as joru ka ghulam etc.
      I am not saying that the role division going on from ancient times is wrong but it should be an individulas choice as to what he/ she wants to do, isn’t it?

  3. Richard Yates wrote a book called “Revolutionary Road” made into a movie by the same name by Sam Mendes…quite close to your post.

    This is Utopian if and when it happens…most men would not mind a role reversal actually…but the subtle and steady pressure exerted by the environment to conform can be corrosive. After all No man is an island.

    • Is it? Will try to get a copy, haven’t seen the movie either.
      I agree. Most men would not have a problem, its just the ‘comments’ part which scares them.

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