I, Me, Myself.

I have a thing with dates, don’t forget them easily. Which leads to a complex of situations. My acquaintances feel embarrassed that they can’t follow suit (wishing me on appropriate dates), friends and family accept it as their birthright 😀 and my husband in exasperation yells not to overburden my brain so much :o.

Now why this post about dates? It’s just that I am celebrating my anniversary and all these thoughts came popping out.

What started as a traumatic June last year has paved an exhilarating path for me.

While in college I had plans to do something for the blind, little did I know that I myself would become dependent on others one day.

Then I also had been always interested in spiritualism. No I am not those types who will visit temples and observe fasts etc. But I am interested in knowing where we have come from and where we will go etc. And this process of self discovery has begun. And it fills me with joy because  a childhood desire is being fulfilled now. ( I was a very obnoxious child, always used to pester my parents as to why I have to bow down at the temple or why a certain festival is observed etc. So when I am finally getting the correct answers, it makes me very very happy). Yes, Bhagyashree has finally begun her search for self.

The other dream of doing something for the blind, the homeless and the ‘parent’less is yet to be achieved but no worries, when I have progressed this much, will achieve that too.

I believe that whatever happens in life is for a reason and so I believe that whatever happened was to make me a better person.

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