The Salahkaars-II

Previously, Mrs. and Mr. Sharma are passing an idyllic time reminiscing about the past when their daughter rushes in with her kids and announces that she has left her husband and home for good.


Radhika began to sob hysterically. Ammaji sat down and placed a hand on her shoulder only to be told that,’No Ammaji you are not going to cajole me into going back there, because I am not’.

Both of them with a glance conveyed to each other that it was better not to probe at this  juncture. The kids Amita-12  and Anil 8 were so upset that the grandparents proceeded to assure them instead.

After Radhika had sobbed her heart out, she took a long bath and after that a nap. Later on she had a long talk with her mother.

‘Its not that this decision was taken in a hurry Amma. The whole of 16 years I have compromised and adjusted but now the question is not about me it has come to my children and so I wont bow down.’

‘But what happened that you had to take such a drastic step’, probed Ammaji.

Radhika left a long sigh. ‘Marrrying Rohit was my own decision. I knew that his parents especially his mother was very conservative but I adjusted. She didn’t want me wearing western clothes, I accepted. She wanted that family should be my prime focus, I said yes. SO even though I am a lawyer, I am still an assistant, have never yet practised independently.But I agreed to everything because marrying Rohit was my choice. But now…’

‘Now what?’ asked Ammaji

‘Amita is growing up Amma. I can’t accept her to do whatever Maaji asks. Like Maaji orders her to roll rotis for the evening meal because now she has to be trained for household chores. How can she, doesn’t she have studies, music classes and all. It’s not that she doesn’t help out at home, she does. Then she shouldn’t speak to boys. In which age are we living ammaji, the ice ages? I finally put my foot down when she asked Amita not to wear jeans. Jeans Ammaji, can you believe it?’

‘Hmmm, and what is Rohan’s say in all this?’

‘Rohan agrees to my viewpoint but says that at her advanced age he cannot change his mother.  Tell me Ma how could I stay mum. How can I see my daughters simple joys thwarted. i want her to have as much joys as she can now, who knows what life has in store for her in the future’, and she burst out in tears once again.

Ammaji reflected that Radhika did have a point, a woman may compromise the whole of her life but not a mother.

Mr. Sharma came in with the news that Ashok was coming on an official tour the next day. Ammaji felt a little relief, the three of them would try to get a solution together.


(to be continued)

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