The Salahkaars-III

Previously Radhika returns home to her parents leaving her home for good. Meanwhile  Ashok is supposed to visit them and together they hope to find a solution to Radhikas problem.


By evening Radhika’s mood got better and she went out to play badminton with the children. At that time, the phone rings and Mr. Sharma feels relief flooding through him because it is Rohan on the other side. if he has called it means things are not that bad.

‘Papaji how is she?’, is the first question that he asks.

‘Better now, playing badminton. Rohan, I do not want to interfere, but ……….’

‘I know Papaji, you will never interfere and I know that Radhi is right but.. Since Dad expired last year, Maa has become difficult to handle. She wants to live as she used to; in the olden days. earlier Dad would drive some sense into her but now no one can get through to her. She doesn’t go out much and will be after Radhi and the kids. I know she is feeling lonely. And so if I side with Radhi she will feel totally devastated.’

Sharmajis heart went out for Rohan, it gets difficult for a man when his wife and mother are on different sides.

After assuring Rohan that they will think how to tackle this problem he kept the phone down.

By night the children had relaxed and opened up. Yes, they did not like their dadis interference but they missed her presence too.

Radhika on the other hand was thoughtful.

‘Missing Rohan’, asked Ammaji

‘uhh yes. He is not a bad guy Maa, but sometimes I do feel that he should side with me especially when I am right.’

Ammaji at this juncture did not want to point out that its difficult to take sides. But she was pleased that whatever had happened between Radhika and Rohan their love and respect for each other was intact. The other issues could be sorted out.

Ashok came the next day around 3 pm and both the siblings started teasing and chatting with each other.

Sharmaji looked around happily it was a long time that the brother-sister duo were together at their parents place.

But ammaji was worried the lines around Ashok’s face told a different story. Ashok was having problems. No it was not some job problems, it was something personal but what??


(to be continued)

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