The Salahkaars IV

Previously-Rohan calls up, Ashok arrives and Radhika is already missing her home


Radhika and Ashok relive their childhood days while Amita and Anil spend time being spoilt by their grandparents. The relaxed mood and Ashok’s persuasiveness propel Radhika to think of reconciliation. Ammaji feels a bit relieved because Ashok is supposed to leave in a day or two and she wants to sort out everything before his departure.

Technology helps at such times. While everyone including the kids start brainstorming, Ashok enables voice chat on his Lenovo and invites Rohan.

Rohan feels his mother is lonely.

Radhika feels she is selfish and narrow-minded.

The kids feel that Dadi needs some friends her age. So that she goes out and stop nagging them.

Ammaji feels that she needs a reality check.

Sharmaji feels that Rohan and Radhika need some space… from Ammaji that is.

‘Hey I got an idea, Papa and Amma are supposed to go to Vrindavan next month why don’t you persuade your mother to join them. In that way you all could get some breather, she too would have some change and …ahem; Maa could enlighten her somehow that times have indeed changed’, suggested Ashok

‘Hey Ashok that’s a good idea, Maa always wanted to visit Vrindavan. She rarely goes out but Vrindavan might just tempt her,’ yelled Rohan

And after that it was total chaos as everyone started speaking together.

‘Silence, one by one,’  screamed Sharmaji

And they began making plans

late night Ammaji got up to have a glass of water to see the balcony door ajar.

She peeped out to find Ashok smoking. Which meant he had some issues. He smoked only when he had some problems, as if blowing smoke rings could solve problems, huh, idiot, she thought.

‘Ashu’ she called out while Ashok scrambled to squash out the cigarette.

‘Whats bothering you?’

”Nothing’. said he.

‘Don’t lie to me at least.’

‘Ritu and myself are having some problems.’

Oh no, he too, thought Ammaji.


(to be continued)

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