The Salahkaars V

Previously everyone sits down for a discussion and its decided that Maaji will be persuaded to go to a trip to Vrindavan with the Sharmas. Late night Ammaji finds Ashok smoking who confesses to having problems with his wife-Ritu.


‘Problems, what problems?’, Ammaji asks in a worried tone.

‘Since she lost her job, she has become very possessive. Always expecting me to be at her beck and call. How can I, Maa, the work pressure is so much I can;t keep running to her as and when she demands. And then she has become suspicious too always checking on my emails and going through the call log on my mobile. All this bugs me and when I tell her so we have a big row. if it ended at that it would have been better but no, she proceeds to make life hell for the boys.’

‘Obviously her ego and her confidence are both badly bruised by the ouster from the job’  Both turn to find Radhika who has obviously been eavesdropping.

‘She is feeling unwanted Ashu. Speak to her lovingly, patiently, give her loads of attention when you are at home. If need be go on a vacation, if you don’t have time for that go out somewhere near on a weekend, just assure her that no matter what happens you will always be with her.’

‘You think it will work’,’ he asked.

‘99% it will, 1 % I leave on hormones,’ she chuckled.

A week later

Ammaji sat down with her stitching. True she liked her family to be with her but at this age the hustle and the bustle tired her. Today the peace felt heavenly.

She looked across at Sharmaji hunched over the newspaper doing Sudoku and felt relief.

It had all worked out well.

Ashok had called up saying that he had worked on Radhika’s suggestion and was already making headway.

Radhika and Rohan had had a heady reunion and Rohan had persuaded his mother for the trip.

And Sharmaji was feeling useful once again

Only I have a job remaining, she sighed; to give some ‘gyaan’ to Rohan’s mother.



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