What do you do when for the first time anything that you have written gets included in a round-up? Don’t know about you but I danced. Yes danced, without bothering about the people who lived downstairs. ( As such they are so used to me dropping things)

I had  been inspired on writing food fiction( https://bbsearchingself.wordpress.com/2010/05/18/cravings/) after reading bongmom (www.bongcookbook.blogspot.com) so I had written her a line that I will be honored if she had a look at it and she did and so very kindly asked if it could be included in  Chalks and chopsticks II edition. An event conceptualised by Aqua(www.servedwithlove.blogspot.com) and this time hosted by bongmom.

Isn’t it wonderful, and off I go now to make some veg biryani and creme caramel. Yes, its celbration time people.

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