Some bakbak

In case you are wondering about the title, no this is not a typo, it’s just the hindi bakbak.So in case you are totally free and have nothing else to do, read or if you have just five minutes and want to relax, read. Read anyways. 🙂

Been pretty busy lately. Our building owner wants to break down our bathroom and rebuild it to correct a leak. Would not have been such a problem if they just came and did it but till now we have had umpteen notices but no one to actually do the work. Result-the bathroom and the Hall have been cleared of stuff so that work is done smoothly, but rest of the house looks like a warehouse.
Have also been busy because nowadays been preparing everything right from snacks to pickles at home. Nowadays though the costs have risen, the quality of stuff has actually diminished, I used to think that cost and quality are directly proportional but only to rediscover that its inversely so. 😉
Couple of my friends ask me how I manage to blog when I am so busy. Well I keep thinking on ideas when I am working or I chant. Both help me to stay positive
My tulsi plant succumbed to heat, which means I have two empty pots with soil in them. I used to water them daily thinking that the soil should not dry. But then a pigeon couple decided to make it their home and good news people, the mama pigeon has delivered a bonny —egg. I like to believe that as I do not have daughters, nature has provided me an opportunity to assist in delivering this baby. ( in Konkani we call it balantire, don’t know the exact word in English)
Its hot, its humid but I am excited. Why because my vacation is due. The dates are not yet finalised but so what, I am all ready with my plans. But a teeny bit anxious too. Last time too I had made plans only to find myself supine on a hospital bed.

12 thoughts on “Some bakbak

  1. bhagya ji..’bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad’. your comment made my is a blessing of course..otherwise i d not have come across and good friend like u.right?

  2. Hey even we had pigeons delivering 2 babies in our terrace last was such joy to see them learning to fly ! BTW I hope you will enjoy your holiday to the fullest this time 🙂

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