Nikita banged the car door and stomped inside the house, she would not forget, yes she would not forget this insult by Abhay, never, ever. How dare he, insult her in front of everyone. Agreed that she was one of the team members but she was still the BOSSโ€™s daughter.

Mr.Bansal a Chartered Accountant, had his own firm. Having himself risen from a humble background, he believed that a person had to rise up the hierarchy on hard work and competence and so his daughter Nikita, A CA who had cleared the Finals on the very first attempt; had to pass through an interview to actually be an associate at the firm.
She had been put in a team which was auditing the accounts of a retail chain and it was fun actually. Except for Abhay, her team member, who on each and every occasion found great pleasure in cutting her down to size.

Although Mr.Bansal opined that his daughter would be promoted to A Directorial capacity only if she proved herself fit to be a Director, Nikita herself never lost an opportunity to show off that she was the BOSS’s daughter. Having come himself from a lower middle class background; Abhay found this attitude very irritating and found great pleasure in showing her ‘level’.

Todays topic of their tiff was cooking. Once in a while when Abhay got time, he would cook himself ( His family was located in far off Nasik), and today was one of those days, when he had made a simple-roti- sabzi. The sabzi had become a bit watery and Nikita had acidly remarked that now she understood why there was a water shortage in Mumbai and everyone had laughed. While Abhay on his part had remarked that she would not understand the joy in eating even a watery sabzi made by oneself since she had never even been in the kitchen.

‘But I do go into the kitchen don’t I? To have water, fruits, don’t I mamma?’, she said recounting the days events to her mother.
‘Uhh hun’, said Mrs. Bansal hiding a smile.
‘So tomorrow I am going to cook myself and take it in my lunch box’, declared Nikita.
‘HUHHHHHHHHHHH’, exclaimed her mother in shock. ‘She doesn’t know the difference between jeera and mustard and she will cook?’ thought she.
‘Yesss’, said Nikita with a smile.
Mrs. Bansals mind went into a frenzy mode and conjured up images of broken crockery, floured kitchen floor and ‘bloodied’ hands, and she shuddered.
‘My dear, this will be your first attempt in cooking so why not start with some sweet. Lets see why not make some kheer?’
‘Kheer, yucks no’, said Nikita
‘OK then why not make some Seven cup cake which I had learnt from Mrs. Reddy and which You had liked a lot?’

Next morning saw Mrs. Bansal nervously pacing and checking on the time. Nikita was in the kitchen and her heart was racing, ‘will she succeed?’, was the thought uppermost in mind. Nikitas nature was such that if she did not succeed in her very first attempt at anything, she would not try it again.

Nikita was busily lining up the ingredients for the seven cup cake in the kitchen and ticking it off from the list in her hand.

‘Lets start she said.
‘First take a heavy bottom pan echoing her mother’s voice running in her mind.
Put a cup of gram flour (besan), ( the previous evening had seen Mrs. Bansal telling Nikita about the different types of flours and its usages.)
Add a cup each of milk, ghee, desiccated coconut and three cups of sugar-making into a total of seven cups of ingredients.
Switch on the gas stove , keep it on a medium flame and keep stirring the mix.
Meanwhile grease a plate
Also powder some cardamoms and keep aside.
Nikitas need to show Abhay that she could cook was such that she followed her mother’s instruction to the T and stirred up the mix with so much of sincerity just like a devotee adorns the diety.
‘Keep stirring the mix till it leaves the sides of the pan and then add the cardamom powder. Stirr it once again and then transfer it to the greased plate.

Maybe it was the simplicity of the recipe or her mothers instructions or maybe the sincerity of Nikita, the Seven cup cke turned out to be exceptionally good.

Nikita and Abhay were joined in holy matrimony a year later. No it was not the seven cup cake which got them close. But Mr Bansal. He thought that a person who could make his daughter enter the kitchen was definitely a good match for his daughter and they together with their wit and fire could make the firm fly high.

Seven cup cake
A cup each of Ghee(clarified butter), milk, desiccated coconut and gram flour.
Three cups of sugar
Cardamom powder
Put all the ingredients in a heavy bottom pan. Keep it on a medium flame and keep on stirring till the mix leaves the sides. Add the cardamom powder and mix once again. transfer on to a greased plate.
Cut into pieces when cool.
This food fiction goes for the third round of Chalks and Chopsticks an event started by Aqua and this time hosted by Sra

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