Strange creatures

Before becoming a mother you roll your eyes when you see someone oohing and aahing over their babies.
And then you become a mom and;

  • your baby gurgles and you behave as if that’s the first time a baby ever  gurgled
  • you irritate everyone narrating your kids antics
  • You flash your 400 watt smile when the kid starts showing ‘parts of the body’ etc.
  • Your kid falls sick and you keep on checking the temperature till the battery runs down
  • And you also keep on saying your  Hail Mary’s or ‘Hare Krishna Hare Rama (whichever applies)
  • Your child is a genius, it’s the teacher who is not able to teach properly.
  • The neighbours kid is a bully; undoubtedly your’s is a saint.
  • Except yours all the kids are chubby.

Strange creatures – we mothers.


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