Here I come

Just about a week left for my vacation to begin which means that apart from counting days I am into counting hours now 🙂
Travelling alone makes me a bit jittery but this time it’s not so as A Young man accompanoes me. 😀
Usually when we go out on walks my husband will guide me as to – its high here and its low here. My visibility being restricted to whats in my eye level and the down, up and sides are left unseen. A situation similar to a horse with his side views restricted.
And so when I go out with my son it will be him who will show me the way nowadays with -Amma there’s a car coming, go that side, et all.
Which makes me a very proud mommy but on the other side do feel a bit guilty that he has had to take my responsibility at such a tender age. He is just three.

On a happier note, he has ditched Kareena who has been his favorite for a long time now and embraced Aisha (Sonam). 😛


12 thoughts on “Here I come

  1. Hey reema ! wish cd meet u and the chotu. Don’t worry ! was in the same boat when I visited Vine at Dubai with Akash ! Some1 has rightly quoted,’The child is the father of Man’.

  2. Wow! Vacation! Whats that feel like? Haven’t had one since a very long time now… I wish you had stayed here for some more time 😦

    Your son already chooses between Kareena and Sonam? You are in for trouble Bhagyshree!!

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