A brief Soiree

Having a wonderful time here in Visakhapatnam with loved ones. It feels great to be enveloped in love without bothering about cooking and cleaning and schedules and what not. :D. Combine it with loads of fresh air and greenery all around and the result is pure bliss.
Quite amazed at the amount of development that has taken place around here, The SEZ, the Park etc. Also stumped by the number of malls that have cropped up but just a tiny bit of worry that when I visit the next time around will the green belt be still around or not?
The number of vehicles on the road is another cause of worry.
My time here is almost to an end and I proceed now to Goa and then to Mangalore, Yes Vacation is still on but with a role change; the daughter now will be in the garb of a ‘bahu’. The mother remains.
Yes my son is having a blast and it gives me immense pleasure to see him bonding with his cousins, yes the filial ties continue.
Au Revoir folks, will be back to regular blogging next month, meanwhile, Be happy.


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