Check ups

I am still in the vacation mood and so although there are a lot many fiction idea running through my mind, I am in just no mood to shape them up. ( to tell the truth neither I am in the mood to cook, clean, teach….whatever that needs to be done to run a home that is).

And so I will update you on what I did for the past 45 days.

One of the things that has to be done on an annual vacation is health check up; particularly because my team of docs reside there. So what I do is get all the tests done and hand over all the reports and it is their headache henceforth as to what to do with it and to plan a course of action for the coming year.

And so I went for the blood tests. Nothing great about it, I know, but when your veins have disappeared in between all the flab, it becomes a daunting task to draw blood isn’t it. And so it becomes a group effor with one pressing and one searching, me looking the other way and hubby dear humoring me with words of encouragement, until I lose my cool and scream. But they did manage to take out 2 vials.

Next stage is the MRI. I have been scared of MRIs since the first time I entered a unit and was diagnosed with tumor. Yes, more than the ‘sounds’ it’s the outcome that terrorizes me.

And so when the radiologists at AJ Hospital at Mangalore told me that they have a new machine which will reduce the time from 90 minutes to 45 minutes, I was overjoyed. But my joy was short-lived as I discovered that it meant more ‘drilling sounds’. Imagine being supine with your head ‘fixed’, AC on full blast and all these noises, ugh. And to top it all SD Burmans composition in the background. I do like SDs music but it makes me melancholy and I couldn’t even cry. ANyways the ordeal was over in 45 minutes but only for a short time as two technicians arrived to inject contrasts for another round of scan. And again the pushing and searching began……………….

PS- The good news is that there is no recurrence and I can be at peace for another year


10 thoughts on “Check ups

  1. Glad to hear you have a clean bill of health from your doctors Bhagyashree! I dont think any of us can even begin to understand what you go through in the name of tests year after year. Hats off!!!

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