Just be there

Sometimes what we need is not words but just presence.
Just an assurance that we are not alone.

Very often the words we utter are not right
right for the listener.

Sometimes we don’t know
what the listener wants to hear.

Sometimes our apprehensions rub someone
the wrong way.

So the best thing to do
for all those difficult moments
is just be there.

For sometimes just your presence
and not words
give a lot of reassurance


Sometimes in some tough situations, we just need to be with people; just being with someone gives a lot of moral support. The words above were penned at such a moment.


4 thoughts on “Just be there

  1. Not everyone can be physically present even if they want to…could be large geographic separations…

    It is during those times ‘words’ spoken from the true heart register this presence in spirit…

    Now we come to the point of ‘choice of words’…well, the ones whom you know will really stand by you will always convey them right..their words attain a magical power of comfort..they may not even be spoken or written…but felt…

    I have personal belief in the relief provided by just a word…’words have power’

    🙂 like you musing out in print

    • I agree but what I meant was that at times its moral support thats needed, sometimes friends and family with their concerns for us or for their own well being give us more discomfort.

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