I have been quite busy after returning from India. What with cleaning up and a son who wants all my attention. He is missing up all the adulation that he was getting back home and all the company too. Also it has been difficult to send him to school, after a two and a half month break, he was just not ready for some routine and some discipline.

But he had behaved handsomely while on vacation. I was a tad worried that how he would cope with so much of travelling, but he enjoyed a lot. Most of all he enjoyed travelling by autos, buses and trains. So much so that he just abhors going by car now and insists that we take a bus 🙂

Also it was he who took me and not the other way around. He would be the one who would show me where our Gate was located ( provided I tell him the Gate number), he would be the ones who would locate our bags etc.

So my son is growing up and very soon he will be his own independent self.
Some of my friends have been offended that I haven’t visited them or even called them up. But that’s understandable isn’t it? I had been home after 3 years.( Home as in my parental home. The last vacation was a total wash out). I just wanted to relax, catch up on all the news and there was a more important agenda. My son had a little squint in his left eye and so his eyes had to be tested and specs made for him. Try telling a 3-year-old that he needs to use specs, phew.

First of all getting him tested was a BIG chore and then making him use the specs was the second, and then making him see through the glasses was the third; for very often he looks either above the glasses or below it.

So is it any wonder that I couldn’t catch up with friends.

Then there were people who sympathised because a young boy has to wear specs. If there is anything that I hate the most it is sympathy. I mean there are lots of ups and downs in life, you take everything in your stride, so why sympathise?

And then there are some who looked pleased that their kids have escaped such a plight. Grrr.

Anyways I am past bothering about such people, but for a second or two it does hurt.


I really admire working moms and I really marvel on how they manage to balance both world, me for one , am at home and completely lost.

I am very sorry that I haven’t been regular in following up my fellow bloggers post, but let me fix myself a timetable and will catch up with you, till then …..let me get busy again.

10 thoughts on “BUSY

  1. Yeah, vacations can be awfully busy. You can’t satisfy all, so you just hope that friends would understand. And,about kids or anyone else, have you noticed how people make pointed observations not caring for one second how the other person feels. Sensitivity to oneself is in plenty but towards others’ feelings is sorely lacking.

    • Yes concern for others is in short supply. But its ok, people are of different ‘types’ and we cannot expect everyone to think / act like us, can we.
      Earlier I used to retort angrily but now I just smile and move on, can’t change anyones mindsets, can we?

  2. Don’t worry abt the false show of concern abt your son Bhagyashree. I have gone through that as well…. you get over it after a while. My daughter has worn specs from the age of four as well. I just used to feel sad for her because even while playing and running like kids usually do she has to take care of her specs or else she would have to face our wrath at home.

    • Oh yes, its that stage when he is just learning to be independent and at that stage he has to take care of his specs, but its ok, he will learn.
      But along with him, we are learning too, to know who is genuine and who is not, patience and most of all to take on life head on bcoz life does not happen as we want it to….

  3. Thanks to your comment,I could get to see your interesting blog.I read only this now and hope to read other posts leisurely.You write very fluently in good English.

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